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| April 13, 2015 04:36 pm

Vietnam’s economy is growing rapidly and the people’s standard of living is growing with it.  This has brought demand for products and significant demand for beauty care products in particular. Vietnam is now an exciting market for cosmetics and beauty care products.

We have been engaged by numerous cosmetic clients including local and multi-national brands to advise and assist in various matters, including:

Product notification and approval & labeling

  • Study and advice on classification of products such as cosmetics, cosmeceuticals, and quasi-drugs in accordance with Vietnamese law.
  • Advice and preparation of application dossiers for cosmetic approval (product notification) as well as submission and follow-up of the evaluation process at the Cosmetics Administration under Drug Administration of Vietnam.
  • Advice, preparation and finalization of Product Information Files which serve as the  legal base for production, import, export and sale of cosmetics and beauty cares products in Vietnam.
  • Advice and support in labeling compliance, preparing labels and artworks for cosmetics in Vietnam and in accordance with the law on circulation of cosmetics and beauty care products in Vietnam.
  • Advice and assistance in designing advertisements and promotion programs, and obtaining all necessary approvals.
  • Advice and assistance in product experimental tests, safety studies and quality testing of cosmetics and beauty care products in Vietnam.
  • Other relevant matters relating to the approval of cosmetics in Vietnam.

Operation Compliance

  • Comprehensive advice on regulatory affairs and other legal aspects, requirements and conditions of doing business in cosmetics and beauty care including import & export, manufacture and sale, promotion, free-of-charge products, custom clearance, safety surveillance and reports.
  • Legal advice on competition, intellectual property, counterfeit and infringing products.
  • Advice and assistance in Cosmetics Good Manufacturing Practice (CGMP), Good Storage Practice (GSP), Standard Operation Procedures, (SOP).
  • Compliance legal due diligence to find out the problems, matters and advice, any available remedies accordance with the prevailing law.
  • Advice and assistance and representation in handling complaints, and safety claims relating to the use of cosmetics and beauty care products.
  • Any other regulatory matters during the operation of businesses in cosmetics and beauty care in Vietnam.