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  Healthcare Services

| April 13, 2015 04:36 pm

The Government has made it a top priority to increase in the quantity and quality of healthcare services to improve the lives of the people. Vietnam has a serious shortage of quality healthcare services providers including hospitals, and clinics nationwide. On the one hand, it is complicated and somewhat difficult for investors and service providers to set up and operate their businesses in this industry. On the other hand, people in general and patients in particular are generally not aware of their rights and positions whenever problems and/or disputes is arise out of the provision and use of healthcare services.

The demand for beauty care services has also increased dramatically, opening up a market with great potential for returns in beauty care services, especially in high-end services. However, the legislative system is also quite complex in this area for potential investors, and service providers.

Our attorneys and consultants are well qualified and experienced to assist clients in the establishment and operation of their business in healthcare and beauty care services. We provide the following services with your commercial goals as the focus:

  • Advice on any legal aspects and practical approaches relating to the establishment and operation of healthcare and beauty care services.
  • Advice on structuring businesses to fully realize the needs and business requirements of our clients while complying with Vietnamese law.
  • Advice and assistance in preparing all necessary documents, applications for obtaining relevant approvals, licenses, and permits in accordance with the law of Vietnam in the establishment of healthcare and beauty care service businesses.
  • Advice and assistance in complying with legal regulations for daily operation, including legal due diligence and review of existing businesses operation systems.
  • Advice and assistance in the preparation of template contracts, letters, claims, counterclaims, and service information for the operation of healthcare and beauty care services.
  • Other relevant matters relating to the establishment, management, operation and compliance of healthcare and beauty care services.