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  IPRs Enforcement and Litigation

| April 13, 2015 04:36 pm

Anti-counterfeit actions and enforcement of IPRs play a critical role in the success of your business. Our IPRs enforcement and Litigation team offer the following services:

Watching and monitoring

  • Providing watching-up and monitoring services on similar, competing and bad faith applications and warning clients of the risks and possible solutions to protect their interests.
  • Representing and assisting in oppositions, appeals and taking actions against similar, competing and bad faith applications.

Analysis and assessment

  • Research, study and analysis of possible infringements of intellectual property rights and advising on whether it is possible to launch certain products or services in the market without infringing other parties’ rights.
  • Representing and assisting in obtaining official assessments on infringement and/or non-infringements from the competent authorities serving as a legal basis for determination of the need for further action.
  • Advice on legal consequences of possible infringements of IPRs as well as suitable legal actions against the infringement acts to be taken by the IPR holder or other appropriate remedial options.


  • Investigation into potential counterfeit and/or infringing goods and services as well as locating the target counterfeiter and infringers.
  • Preparing and sending Cease & Desist Letters then following up for further negotiation and arrangement of settlement of  the dispute and infringement cases.
  • Coordinating with State competent authorities to take legal actions (raids) against the infringement, piracies through administrative procedures, civil proceedings or criminal prosecution in accordance with prevailing laws of the jurisdictions.
  • Following up and collaborating with the competent authorities on penalties, and destruction of counterfeit/infringing goods.
  • Other matters relating to the enforcement of IPRs.


Our IP litigation lawyers have extensive practical knowledge of intellectual property and the judiciary system, and are qualified, experienced and confident in representing clients in court proceedings to protect their legitimate rights and interests.