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  Medical Devices

| April 13, 2015 04:36 pm

The Vietnamese medical devices market is expanding and has great potential for incoming businesses. The provision of private healthcare is increasing in Vietnam and with it the demand for medical devices.

We the following major services in this area:

  • Advising, assisting and representing clients in various approvals, permits, licenses for manufacture, import, export, quality testing and experiments of medical devices in Vietnam.
  • Advice on classifying and categorizing medical devices defining the conditions for doing business in Vietnam.
  • Advising, preparing documents, application dossiers, and assisting in obtaining operation licenses, and import & export permits for medical devices as required.
  • Advising on rules and regulations with regard to the advertisement, and promulgation of product information for medical devices and obtaining all necessary approvals before launching such programs, and campaigns.
  • Advising on legal regulations and requirements for clinical trials, and experimental studies applicable to medical devices as well as obtaining the various licenses, permits, and approvals for conducting clinical trials, and experimental tests.